German Sleep Society (DGSM)

The German Sleep Society (DGSM) is devoted to sleep research and sleep medicine. The objectives are research on sleep and sleep disorders as well as development of clinical diagnosis and therapy of sleep-wake disorders.

The causes of sleep-wake disorders may be of psychic or organic nature. We can distinguish dyssomnias, parasomnias and sleep disorders associated with organic and psychiatric disorders.

The German Sleep Society is an interdisciplinary society with members being physicians specialized in pneumology, internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, ENT-medicine, pediatrics as well as scientists of physiology, pschology, biology and other natural sciences.


Overview of the DGSM structure:
» Board
» Office
» Commissions
» Task groups
» Scientific Committee
» Early career scientists [German]

23rd annual meeting of the DGSM

01st to 03rd December 2016

Dresden, Maritim International Congress Center

"Schlafmedizin: grenzueberschreitend und innovativ"

European Sleep and Research Society


» ERS-ESRS Sleep and Breathing conference 2017: Early bird registration deadline is 31 Feb 2017!
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» ESRS Sleep Science School "Neural Networks in Sleep": Application deadline is 15 Feb 2017!
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» Open Position: Postdoctoral fellowship in medical devices, physiological signal processing, and sleep apnea at TRI, University of Toronto, Canada.
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» Online submission of manuscripts for the journal Somnology now available!
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» Note: $10USD discount for DGSM members on WASM/WSS memberships
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» "Catalogue of knowledge and skills for sleep medicine" is available at Journal of Sleep Research!
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» Message from the ESRS secretary regarding the option for DGSM members to subscribe for the ESRS newsletter
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» The guideline "Non-restorative sleep" at AWMF online:
at AWMF online