Susanne Kästner
Pfalzklinikum Klingenmünster
Weinstraße 100
76889 Klingenmünster
E-Mail: susanne.kaestner@pfalzklinikum.de

The commission co-ordinates the award of the certificate Somnology for technicians. In co-operation with the task group "Training and Education", the commission develops and establishes curricula for the education of technicians who are interested in obtaining the certificate.

Quality management / Certification of sleep laboratories
The commission develops methods for evaluating the quality management of sleep laboratories. Using peer-review methods, several sleep laboratories have been evaluated within a pilot scheme. By means of check lists, randomly selected patient records were being evaluated.All certified sleep laboratories being ready to take part in the peer-review method are being evaluated. Basic topics of the commission are the education of reviewers and the further development of the check list and of the review process. Also, the commission co-ordinates the certification of sleep laboratories. Further tasks of the commission are the check up and the optimizing of the certification method. A manual for the certification was developed which explains the procedure to sleep laboratories, hospital administrations, and health insurances.